A Moment with Our Creator: Matthew 11:28

Jesus said, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

Our daughter snapped this photograph as we traveled home from our youngest’s soccer game.  A brisk walk around the sports complex combined with some people watching and followed by an hour of intently watching a soccer ball go up and down a field left our energetic Labmaraner pup exhausted.  This picture of Summer peacefully sleeping on our journey home brought this verse from Matthew to mind. Only Jesus can provide the refreshing rest so desperately needed in this harried world.

Post Script

With this mid-month scripture photo, I’m excited to share with you an additional Lesson from a Lab titled “Umbrella Training” that was published in the fall edition of Refresh Magazine.  Lighthouse Bible Studies puts out this beautiful, content rich online magazine quarterly. Click here or on the picture below to visit their website and download your copy of Refresh Magazine. If you enjoy what you read, I highly recommend subscribing to this free Christian online magazine.

© 2019-2023, Lessons from a Lab, Beth Alisan.  All Rights Reserved.

32 thoughts on “A Moment with Our Creator: Matthew 11:28

  1. Wow another wonderful post Beth. I love the way your puppy-dog photos tie in so perfectly with each lesson. Also..congratulations on your article appearing in Refresh. I was able read it on my phone but will take another peek at on the laptop latter. You are such a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. It seems dogs and babies can sleep anywhere–a good lesson for us in the spiritual realm. Whatever our circumstances, we CAN rest in our Heavenly Father. Such glorious, peace-inspiring truth! Now to check out Refresh Magazine!

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    1. Nancy, I never thought of that before but you’re absolutely right they do both sleep anywhere. Now I just need to be better about resting in the Lord in any surrounding. I hope you enjoyed the lesson published in Refresh!

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      1. I did, Beth! Your umbrella-lesson is well-worth noting. We’re facing a situation right now that could lead to stressful circumstances, but we’re prayerfully doing our best to keep the what-ifs at bay. God is teaching us yet another lesson in trust!

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      2. Thank you Nancy! “What-ifs” are like a magnifying glass only making a situation worse. Not sure why I tend to grab a magnifying glass to look at a situation first rather than turning immediately to trusting God who is so much greater than anything that His mere presence dwarfs a situation. Clearly I need more umbrella training. Praying the Lord’s peace covers you as you face this stressful circumstance!

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    1. Manette, thank you for checking out “Refresh” magazine. I can not speak highly enough of the mother/daughter team who put this magazine together. The love of Jesus simple radiates from them both. I’m so glad you enjoyed the lesson.

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  3. How often life tires us out, and we long to join Summer in a snooze. What a beautiful verse to remind us of our Lord’s interest in our welfare and specifically our tiredness…we only need surrender it to Him. Thank you for this timely reminder Beth.

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    1. When Summer realizes she’s tired she gets even more energized in an effort to fight sleep. Finally, she crashes in exhaustion. I’m too much like her. Oh, the number of hours the Lord has waited for me to just stop and rest in him instead of pushing forward.

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  4. What a perfect and precious picture of how I need to rest in God. Life gets tiring for sure, but God offers the rest that I need if I only hand my concerns to Him. I love how you always draw me to these needed truths, Beth. Have a blessed weekend!

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  5. Summer looks like she could sleep just about anywhere—and take up 1 1/2 van seats in the process!

    I clicked on the link to your article. Indeed, we all have “umbrellas” in our lives that take some getting used to. Our Dalmatian used to freak out if she saw something like a plastic grocery bag blow across the yard.

    “Reflect” is a sharp looking publication. I like the format and layout!

    God’s best to you and the Alisan clan.

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    1. Thank you David! I told my husband that even when the kids are grown, we’ll need to keep a mini-van just to transport the dogs. Poor Adi lost out on this trip and had to take her nap on the floor. You can just see her legs in the picture. I’m glad you enjoyed the umbrella lesson. It’s funny what different animals view as “scary.” That experience with Adi, led our daughter to train Summer to an umbrella earlier in her puppyhood. Refresh is put together by a mother/daughter publishing team. Working with them and getting to know them has been a wonderful blessing. They are both so humble and the love of Jesus simply radiates from them. I would highly recommend submitting devotions to their publication.

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