Meet Nova

In early 2016, my brother said goodbye to his Chesapeake Bay Retriever of 10 years.  The thought of a new dog held no appeal to him. That all changed with a text, a picture of puppies, and an ensuing conversation with a friend who has an incredible black Labrador Retriever named Diamond.  Turned out Diamond’s parents had a new litter of puppies.  After a lot of discussion, my brother and his family decided to bring one of these puppies into their home.  Nova joined them in January 2017 while her litter-mate Adi joined our family.

Nova smiles on life. She is friendly, fun-loving, and passionate about the retrieve.  By eight months she was fully trained and sitting in a duck blind next to my brother and father retrieving her first ducks. 

My brother describes Nova best:

“Nova is strong yet sensitive. She is loyal, dependable, loving, driven, focused, and playful.  We are thankful for her robust energy and personality whether in the duck blind, at home, or just playing in the backyard.  She begins our day with many “labby” licks.  We are truly blessed by Nova and her ability to make us smile every day! As you read, be open minded and challenged by these Lessons from a Lab”