Meet Reeses

Why is a cat on a blog about dogs? Simply put Adi loves cats.  Thus, you will find our kitten Reeses tucked among the lessons.  From the time Adi was a puppy, she was desperate to meet any cat who crossed our path.  Most took one look at her and ran.

Only one cat, our neighbor’s yellow tabby named Higgins, allowed her close enough for a sniff before he batted her firmly on the nose and calmly walked away.  From that point forward, Adi was smitten. 

Fortunately for Adi, our youngest daughter is also a cat lover.  At seven years of age, our daughter told us of her desire to have a cat.  From our experience with Adi, she knew the importance of going to the Lord with her request. So, she began praying.  Whether at meals or bedtime, she always included the statement “Lord please bring just the right cat to our family.”  A year later her prayer was answered. 

Reeses Pieces came to us at six months of age.  Our best guess is that she was born in a feed mill. Her first months were spent wandering the countryside under the watchful eye of an adult wild cat named Goldie.  Goldie regularly visited my Aunt and Uncle’s home where he knew there would be food waiting and shelter from the storms.  His love for the wild kept him from joining their family of four house cats.  In the summer of 2018, he began showing up with a tortoise shell kitten in tow.  Over time, my Aunt and Uncle gained the kitten’s trust.  She loved their attention, and they knew she would make a wonderful house cat.  So, they contacted us.  Reeses came home with us that Thanksgiving.

I debate over who loves Reeses more- Adi or our daughter.  In turn, Reeses adores them both.  Each day, she receives her little girl love and Adi’s “labby” licks. We often catch Reeses walking under Adi’s belly and rubbing up against her legs.  She is quite playful and enjoys baiting Adi into a good round of chase. To get a glimpse of their first weeks together read the page Won’t you be my Neighbor?