Story Behind the Lessons

Lessons from a Lab was born out of a simple prayer .

Less than a week after Adi left her parents and littermates to join our family, her father was tragically killed in a hit and run accident.  Max was a cherished member of his family.  The morning I learned about his passing, I slipped outside with Adi and let her romp through the yard while tears streamed down my face.  My heart was broken for his owner.  More than anything I wanted to send a message of condolences that said more than “I’m sorry.”  When no words came, I did the only thing I knew to do- pray.  “Lord, please unlock the words,” I whispered.  And, He did.  He gave me the very words I wanted to say.  Words that honored an unforgettable black Labrador father through his 8-week-old daughter.

A few weeks later, I remember watching Adi scamper into the kitchen and up to my husband who was busy making his breakfast.  She got his attention and received a good pet.  Rather than returning to me like usual, she kept falling over at his feet begging for more of his attention.  It was the first time the Lord whispered a lesson from a lab to my heart.  Although I embraced the words, I never wrote them down.  A few weeks later another lesson came only this time the words clamored around in my head until I wrote them out on paper.  I’m not a writer, so after a couple more lessons took shape on paper I asked the Lord where this was coming from.  Immediately, He recalled to my mind that prayer, “Please unlock the words.” In time the Lord began prompting me to share the lessons with family and friends.  Now the time has come to share them with you.

8 thoughts on “Story Behind the Lessons

  1. Donna Mauney-Tyler

    Dearest Beth,
    Your writings are absolutely beautiful and heart warming. I’m so glad the Lord instructed me to reach out to you after all these years of being apart. We got a Golden doodle in March of this year and he has brought so much joy to our lives during this time of pandemonium. The Lord knows what we all need and when we need it… as we had been contemplating getting a dog for a couple of years. Continue putting your words of love, encouragement and thoughtfulness on paper and sharing them with others. God has truly blessed you!


    1. Thank you so very much Donna! I’m glad you listened to the Lord’s instructions to reach out. I was so very good to reconnect with you. Enjoy your time with your handsome pup. The Lord is so good in the gifts He gives and His timing is always perfect. Your granddaughters will see Cash as an example of that.


    1. Thank you Sandra! Yes, He does have His way of letting us know what He wants and the journey He takes us on is beyond what we’d ever imagine when we ask, listen, and obey.


  2. Anonymous


    Your words are an inspiration and enable me to reflect on the goodness, faithfulness, and protection of the Lord. He has blessed you with a gift of writing and devotion. Thanks for being a blessing in m life!


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    1. These words mean so very much! Thank you for supporting my writing over these last years. Your encouragement and insight always come when needed most. Who knew how much the Lord would use these pups to touch our lives.


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