Lesson from a Lab:  His Hands & Feet

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I am still playing catch up on posts and emails, thus I have an extra guest post for you today. I am pleased to present to you another beautiful doggy devotional from our guest writer Beth Alisan. I am an avid reader of the Lessons From A Lab devotionals by Beth, for their spiritual value and also to read what Adi (Beth’s beautiful labrador companion) is doing. I am thankful for both Beth and Adi enriching my Devotional time with our Father God. Todays post is yet another worthy read, I pray it blesses you dear reader.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”


As a member of a homeschooling, soccer family, our Labrador lives a very public life. Adi adores people and dogs, wanting to greet everyone she encounters. Thus, I…

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23 thoughts on “Lesson from a Lab:  His Hands & Feet

  1. Adi has done it again–taught us a valuable lesson by her example. (Lord, help me to be attuned to the people around me!) My son and DIL adopted a lab-mix puppy last spring. She too is an enthusiastic greeter. I had to laugh as she was being taught to sit. Niya would sit for about one second and then be ready to run again. As far as she was concerned, the expectation had been met and she could now go back to what SHE wanted to do!

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    1. Thank you! I’m a very tasked oriented person and can easily ignore the people around me as I seek to check off the next thing on my list. I’m so grateful the Lord has given me a dog, who slows me down to see the people around me which in turn opens my ears to hear the Holy Spirit’s promptings.


  2. Jerry Kathy Naylor

    Beth, we enjoy reading your devotional each month and are always thankful for any additional ones that you send. You have really touched my heart with this truth that we are not as sensitive as we could be to those whom God puts in our path. Thank you for reminding me, with Addi’s inspiration of how God would have us love our neighbor (s) well.

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    1. Jerry, It is so very good to hear from you! Adi still looks for you when we pass your house. She’s mistaken our new neighbor for you more than once. Although she gives him a nice greeting, you can see a drop in her enthusiasm when she realizes it’s not you. I hope you and Kathy are well, and I know you are both enjoying every moment with Charlie and Emmaline.


  3. I loved this story on Alan’s blog and I’ve loving reading it again here. It’s amazing how dogs can sense a person’s emotional needs. I’m glad Adi wouldn’t keep walking until she greeted the lady. That’s at least one way that amazing dogs are like our amazing God. They know what we need before we do!

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      1. Thank you Alan for your kind words and encouragement! In and off myself I’m not a writer. All credit truly goes to the Lord. I’m so glad to hear the you are getting good traffic from this post and I pray that those readers will tune in for more of your Devotional Treasures and be challenged and blessed by what the Lord is saying through you. My apologies that my reblog didn’t come with a preface. For some reason I thought the reblog would launch a post and allow me to add a preface before publishing. Instead it went live immediately. There are days I think I’ve mastered word press and then in moments like this I realize I need to continue to utilize their help before I attempt something unfamiliar. Hope you are having a blessed Sunday!


      2. I will rephrase my words, in God’s gift to you Beth you are a writer for Him, to His glory. We are all just scribes serving Him with a pen, or keyboard. We may never know this side of Heaven where our writing for Him has gone, whose life it may have changed, maybe even bringing them by His Spirit to their Saviour. It may be something we will find out in Heaven, I would like that!
        God bless you and your family dear sister.

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      3. Thank you Alan! It’s encouragement like this that keeps me fighting against the temptation to throw in the towel or maybe a more fitting idiom would be to throw in the pen. Blessings to you as you embark on a new week.


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