“The sheep listen to his [the shepherd’s] voice.  He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.” -John 10:3

With fall colors beginning to emerge and the temperatures cooling, I decided to take my Lab for a long morning hike. Pulled forward by the rich smells of the trail, Adi moved a fair distance ahead of me.  I called her name.  She stopped, turned, and looked at me.  “Come,” I said.

In that moment, Adi had a choice to make:

-Stay put and pretend she didn’t hear me.

-Run the opposite direction.

-Slowly meander in my direction contemplating whether to continue or stop.

-Eagerly bound back to me.

The picture captures Adi’s choice. With Labby exuberance, she raced down the path to resume her position with me.

The choices Adi has whenever she hears my summons mirrors the ones I have whenever I hear the Lord call me by name, drawing my heart to Him. My prayer is that I will always respond like my Lab did that cool, fall morning. 

Jesus said, “I am the good Shepherd.  My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

John 10: 11 & 27

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16 thoughts on “Choices

  1. I love this, dog person and hiker that I am. We have pix of our Miles dog doing the same thing and that made me think. The reason Adi turned around and ran to you is that she knows that you are good. She trusted that you either had a warning that was worth heeding (as you are always looking out for her best interests) or that you had some new and fresh adventure that was worth her instant attention.

    We know these things about God, too. Yet we often act as if He’s going to kick us rather than do us good. Humans are odd! Have a blessed weekend!!

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    1. Oh so very true. This is a perfect addition to the lesson Nora! Hoping the fall weather in your neck of the woods is conducive for you and Miles to get out and enjoy some hiking.


    1. Thank you Alan. Recently when studying a passage from Nahum, I came across this statement in my Wycliffe Bible Commentary- “The godly Israelites recognized the Lord’s work in nature. But nature is not confused with God or worshipped as God. Nature is the theater of His revelation.” That last sentence really resonated with me in that when I slip outside to enjoy the beauty of creation or time with Adi, the Lord will often bring a scripture or hymn to the forefront of my mind with a lesson attached to help me fully grasp a Biblical truth. I’m so very grateful and humbled that He gives me the words to express what I’ve learned.

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    1. Thank you David! I too am glad that He cares enough to call our name rather than permit us to keep drifting further from Him. I’m also grateful that His voice travels over any distance and terrain. Many blessings to you in the week to come.

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