Hiding Place

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea [despite the chaos and storms of life swirling around us].” -Psalm 46: 1-2, [Italicized words by author unknown]

When trouble brews in your dog’s life where is his hiding place? Under a bed, in his kennel, behind a big aggressive bark, or with you.

Since Adi was a young pup, she has looked to me as her hiding place.

Although Adi loves other dogs, she is troubled when presented with one significantly larger than her small Labrador frame.  Think Rhodesian Ridgeback or Great Dane.  From a distance, she’s ecstatic to see the dog coming her way.  The moment she comprehends its massive size, she dives behind my legs and hides herself from view. Only after I’ve greeted the dog will she consider a nose to nose sniff greeting.

Adi is a pack animal.  So, when my husband takes the kids out for an afternoon of tennis or golf, Adi is troubled by their absence.  She responds by gluing herself to my side and not allowing me to leave her line of sight.

By nature, Adi is a sensitive pup.  On a recent fishing excursion, we hiked to the base of a waterfall.  As soon as we arrived, I could see Adi was visibly troubled.  The constant roar of water overwhelmed her ears while the pungent smell of snails assaulted her nose.  I took a seat on a rock and within moments she squeezed her 60-pound body onto my lap.  She remained there until her senses processed her surroundings, and she was ready to explore the area.

Likewise, Adi finds the sound of fireworks and firecrackers distressing.  As July 4th approaches, these sounds pierce the quietude of the night with greater frequency.  At the sound of the first boom, Adi tucks tail and races to me with eyes pleading to be moved to a quieter place. A place where she can hear my reassuring voice.

My troubles and your troubles look much different than Adi’s, but they are troubles none the less.  The question is-

Where is your hiding place when troubling reports fill the news, troubling events your life, troubling thoughts your mind? 

Just like Adi has chosen only one hiding place-her master; I can only have one hiding place- My Lord and Master.  Jesus said, “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” (John 14:27, NLT)  When I hide in His Word and presence, the troubles remain on the outside but inside I am filled with His peace, joy, and hope.  (Psalm 119:114, Psalm 31:20, Romans 15:13)

Thank you Lord for being my “refuge in times of distress, a shelter from the storm, and a shade from the heat.” (Isaiah 25:4)

“You are my hiding place;
You shall preserve me from trouble;
You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.”

“The name of the Lords is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are saved.”

Psalm 32:7 & Proverbs 18:10, NKJV

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13 thoughts on “Hiding Place

    1. Thank you Sandra. You said it so well, “There is no fear within the walls of faith with our Father.” Too often I allow fear to lure me outside those walls. You would think I would know better and stay put. Over these last 6 months, the Lord has definitely been working with me in this area, challenging me to live by faith in Him rather than fear of failure, fear of what men think, fear of the state of chaos of our country. His Word is such a source of encouragement. I hope you and your husband have a lovely 4th of July weekend!

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      1. I know exactly what you mean Beth, I crossed that bridge last year of understanding who I am, especially as a woman. The importance of our creation. No man or thing can alter my faith. Our spirits belong to the Father and only Him. No one else can touch it. It took me many years to realize that. He lets us see more and more when He knows we can understand it. Strength was given to us from the very beginning. I love that thought. Have a wonderful evening Beth.

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  1. I hide in my boat, canoe, the woods, or just my garage building something. Long ago I recognized it as hiding and I now attempt to spend the time with the Lord. Jesus likes boats. Pretty sure.

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  2. As you may have guessed; my hiding place is my RV. A TV-free zone, it allows me time to de-stress and tune out the outside world, at least to some extent. Besides, what better place to commune with God than in nature?

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    1. Yes, I agree completely. The sun sparkling off water as it runs down a creek, the sound of the wind gently rustling the leaves, smell of pine needles and honeysuckle are definitely God’s invitation to commune with Him. Thank you for taking your readers along with you and Ronni on your journey to Fairbanks. The pictures you have shared are breathtaking. Safe travels!

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  3. Anonymous

    You were very sensitive to Adi’s distress in that situation and immediately responded to comfort her. It reminds me of our Lord’s faithfulness to us.

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    1. Yes, I am so very grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness to us when we’re overwhelmed by our surroundings. I’m glad Adi was finally able to relax and wander around exploring the area.

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