Deep Freeze

Several January’s ago, our region sank into a deep freeze that lasted two weeks.  All outdoor activity came to a halt as temperatures stayed well below freezing.  With that went our young Lab’s morning walks and long runs in the backyard with the kids and neighbor dog.  Our one year-old pup who usually spent her inside time lounging and recharging for her next outdoor excursion, found herself with a supply of untapped energy.

In those weeks of less activity, I learned more about my Lab.  For one, Adi does indeed have a drive to retrieve again and again and again.  Up to that point, I felt accomplished if she retrieved the ball three times.  Now in subzero wind chills, my Lab couldn’t get enough of that ball.  My frozen fingers yelled uncle before her desire to chase down that ball expired. 

For another, I found she really does like her toys.  By week two, she began raiding her toy box, bringing us her lightly used toys in hopes of a good game.  If we were otherwise occupied, she would throw the toy up in the air and give chase.  Lastly, I learned seven-thirty is her bedtime of choice not because she’s completely exhausted but because she’s an “early to bed and early to rise” kind of dog. 

The day finally came when the temperatures crawled to their normal above freezing status and our usual outdoor activity resumed.  Since then, Adi no longer neglects her toys and three retrieves are rarely the limit. You see my Lab had learned more about herself in those weeks as well.

As this new year gets underway, I share with you the lesson my Lab taught me during that January freeze.

When we slow down and do less, we learn more about ourselves and others. -Beth Alisan

Lord, “Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  -Psalm 90:12

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5 thoughts on “Deep Freeze

  1. Anonymous

    God has away of forcing me to slow down and reflect. The aging process and physical issues work for me. I still prefer the four seasons and I don’t think that will change. God is good!

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    1. Anonymous

      Good advice to start the new year. Thanks for always pointing out what should be obvious to me but gets lost in the day to day activities of everyday life.

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