Rejoice with those who rejoice.  Mourn with those who mourn. – Romans 12:15

By nature, I’m reserved.  A healthy dose of introversion leaves me self-conscious and guarded, especially when a conversation calls for strong emotion.  In those moments, I forever find myself at a loss for words and kick myself when all I can find to say is “Congratulations, I’m excited for you” or “I’m so sorry.”  It isn’t until later when I’m alone that the words I wanted to say come flooding forth

It took observing Adi, my extroverted, quiet by nature puppy to really embrace the idea that no words are necessary.  She is ever alert to the sounds of delight and the sounds of distress.  To exclamations of joy, she labby waggles around the person as if dancing.  To the one crying, she trots to them, sits at their feet, offering a head to be pet, a neck to be hugged, and endless licks.  Her strategy is simple- no words necessary- just show up, be present, be genuine, be focused on the person. 

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