Lessons from a Lab:  Lean — Devotional Treasures

Today, I have the immense privilege of writing a guest post titled “Lean” on my brother in Christ Alan Kearns’ blog Devotional Treasures.  Alan dearly loves Jesus, his family, and the outdoors which shines through in his writing.  His devotional blogs have encouraged and enriched my walk with Jesus. I’ve provided links to some of my favorites below.  I hope you take the time not only to read Lesson from a Lab- Lean reposted here but will also take the time to enjoy Alan’s devotional treasures.  

On the Wings of Love

Lessons from a Wren

Herb’s Search for Happiness

What gives you Hope?

On this Autumn Lord’s Day I am excited to introduce a new guest writer, Beth Alisan who writes beautiful doggy themed devotionals. I have been a big fan of Beth’s blog for some time, her lovely pastoral stories about her life with Adi the labrador always share great spiritual truths. I would heartily recommend making […]

Lessons from a Lab:  Lean — Devotional Treasures

6 thoughts on “Lessons from a Lab:  Lean — Devotional Treasures

  1. Beth please forgive my tardiness in only seeing and responding to this super encouraging post on Monday. I am grateful beyond mere words for your friendship in our Lord and in sharing His Word. I love the list of posts that you select, that brother David kindly calls “Alan’s greatest hits.” My wee Wren story is one of my favourites too. To know that I encouraged you in your walk with Jesus is such a privilege, I am humbled by such news. To share His Word and encourage others are my main aims. I agree wih David…I too am keenly awaiting the next instalment of Summer’s story.
    May our Heavenly Father continue to guide and bless you an your orecious family, including the four legged members.

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  2. Hello, Beth. Thank you for sharing some of Alan’s greatest hits. “Lesson from a Wren” is one of my all time best-loved posts! I also enjoyed your “Lesson from a Lab-Lean.” You never get too wordy, Beth, but get straight to an important point–with Adi’s help–of course! Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to your posts. I would also love to read another post by your daughter about the new Lab, Summer. Challenge presented!

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    1. Thank you David for your generous comment that “you never get too wordy.” Before venturing into the field of education I was a business major where my professors drilled me in keeping my writing direct and to the point. I’ve had to work hard to find a good balance of detail and directness. So, I’ve presented your challenge to my daughter. Her 13 year old eyes got super big. You’ve definitely given her something to chew on. On another note, I think “Alan’s greatest hits” has a great ring to it.

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      1. No pressure, teen Alisan. The thought simply occurred to me that Lessons from a Lab need not be mostly a one dog blog. No worries, either. Summer will provide the material, you are the reporter. Lab paws don’t work too well on QWERTY keyboards, you know!🐾

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